Indian-origin father has been granted UK hospital payout for baby’s death

In the UK, an Indian-origin father has finally been granted a five-figure sum in the form of compensation for the sad death of his newborn child after almost four-year struggle for justice.

Originally from India, Kamaljeet Singh’s baby boy had to face death because of a serious brain injury, reason being their staff failed to notice that he had already been born under bed sheeha. This incident took place in 2008 at St Mary’s Hospital in Manchester.

A serious investigation into the death in April stated that the newborn Maninder Singh was already going through a poor condition, but as we see the delay on the part of the staff noticing that he had already been born and acting to reborn him meant that he suffered further, severe injusry. So this being the reason he died a few months later on May 4, 2009.

The 35-year-old father told the Manchester Evening News that, “This has been an extremely difficult four years for my family. We lost a much loved son under horrific circumstances”.

“We have fought so hard and waited so long to receive an apology and an admission that more could have been done to save him. No amount of money in the world could ever replace what we have lost… We feel that in some small way, justice has been done,” he grieved.

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