Mizoram faces a hike in the cases of Tuberculosis this year

The northeastern state of Mizoram is facing an abrupt hike in the cases of tuberculosis with almost 600 cases recently detected during the prior six months this year against just 80 cases in the whole year last year, said the officials on Monday.

An official of the State Health Department told reporters, “There were 592 fresh tuberculosis cases reported in Mizoram during January to June this year and 43 people have died of the disease in the state during the same period”.

The official also said that around 91 percent of those patients that were infected with tuberculosis were fortunately cured during the period of January to June.

“The increase of the tuberculosis cases was found to be disturbing. A meeting of experts, doctors, para-medical staffs and other health officials was held in Aizawl last week and finalised some strategies to deal with this health issues,” added the official.

Gautam Borgohain, consultant of the World Health Organisation stated in a meeting that Mizoram would soon be given a machine costing around Rs.35 in order to help the doctors in the state. This could trigger better treatment for the tuberculosis patients.

As per the experts, the spread of tuberculosis now-aa-days is due to the environmental factors.

“Overcrowding, malnutrition and weakened immune systems are also major contributing factors of this disease,” stated Ranjit Das, a tuberculosis disease expert.

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