Want to quit smoking? Install an app that might help you

The task of motivating teens to stay away from tobacco and inculcate in them behavioural skills to help them resist pro-tobacco pressures, will be performed by an app.

This amazing app will help prevent teens from smoking and would motivate and encourage them to completely get over it if they’ve started, the best thing is that this app is available free on the Apple iTunes Store.

The app combines education and entertainment with comics and interactive games, said Designer Alexander Prokhorov, M.D., Ph.D., a professor in the Department of Behavioural Science at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centre.

Designed with colourful and relative animated teen characters and cool tunes, the app available for iOS platform relates to those who haven’t smoked ever, those wanting to quit, those having trouble quitting and those not interested in quitting.

This app also includes games that tend to help promote smoking-cessation tips specially created for the teenage audience. In one of the games the user’s job is to tap away the temptations to smoke that are depicted as objects, these temptations randomly move around the smartphone screen.

Yet another game challenges teens to match two pairs of cards containing many memorable images of smoking consequences that include yellow dirty teeth, bad breath and stained fingers.

Prokhorov added that every module of the app was carefully designed with teens in mind, as most of them are very particular about their appearance and don’t realize that smoking can affect their appearance well before they develop cancer.

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