Woman’s small intestine cut instead of fallopian tube in Odisha

Botch surgeries might sound scary, and you would probably be biting your nails on hearing of them, but these types of surgeries are more common in India than you could imagine.

As reported a woman aged 28, participated in a government-organised camp to undergo tubectomy. The woman is now in a critical state after a doctor made a blunder by mistakenly cutting her small intestine instead of the fallopian tube.

Conducted on July 24, the surgery took place at the medical camp in Odisha’s Balasore district.

However, the government doctor’s mistake came to be known only after a private practitioner examined Mamatarani Behera after she complained of severe pain in chest and abdomen on Thursday.

One of the 90 women operated upon at the camp, Mamatarani Behera became the victim, but the others did not report any complications.

Tubectomy as we know is a surgery that prevents pregnancies by blocking or severing a woman’s fallopian tubes.

Mamatarani was first taken to a hospital near their house and then to a district hospital from there, said Bhagiratha Behera, her husband.

The 28-year-old Behera was later shifted to a private hospital where it was found that her tubectomy procedure had gone wrong and that was the reason for acute pain in chest and abdomen

Despite a corrective operation, the woman’s condition worsened and she was referred to the SCB Medical College Hospital in Cuttack, where she lies now, battling for her life.

Having admitted medical negligence, Balasore chief district medical officer Anup Ghosh commented on Friday, “I found that the woman’s small intestine was cut during tubectomy. I will submit a report for further action in the matter.”

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