Bikini waxing: Tips and FAQs

I know what you all must be thinking, so I wont beat around the bush and get right to the point- Yes, it hurts.

Getting a bikini wax is about as much fun as getting a quick hot slam on your skin- maybe worse. But if you’re tired of futzing with razors, gels, creams and all the other depilatory gadgets available today, a professional bikini wax is worth every twinge of pain and awkward moment. I know as I too took the plunge and got one myself. So if you are thinking about giving up your bikini waxing
virginity then here are a few tips to know before you go.

1. Choose a clean, comfy place and a beauty practitioner you trust.

Better to put the matter into the expert hands of an aesthetician, than any other regular salon. Someone who is already a master at waxing your brows and keeping your facial flare-ups at bay would also be fine, provided they offer bikini waxing service.

2. Practice a few g-rated expletives before the first rip.

The first order of business is to assume the position, which I’ll leave to your imagination. Suffice it to say, you may want to take up yoga before your first waxing session. Once you are “comfortable,” your respective wax-master will apply a one-by-two-inch patch of the warm green goo following which she will wait for about 15 seconds for the wax to dry and with one firm, quick yank (and absolutely no warning), the first unsuspecting handful of hair will be successfully uprooted from their happy little homes. You may think that this would probably leave you bleeding, but it won’t.

3. Consult mother nature before you make an appointment.

The best time to get waxed is the week after your menstrual cycle when your pain threshold is at its highest. “If you’re crying at car commercials, don’t make an appointment for a bikini
wax,” experts say. So choose the right time, as it DOES help.

Quick tips:
-Let hair grow out 2 to 3 weeks (about a quarter of an inch) before going in for waxing.

-Book your service early in the morning before your skin gets clammy from exercise or errands.

-Stay out of the sun 24 hours before and after your waxing service.

-Exfoliate the bikini line the day before your appointment with a loofah or body scrub.

-Follow up with baby oil to soften the hair follicles.

-Pop an aspirin or ibuprofen an hour before your appointment.

-Let your aesthetician know of any medications you’re taking.

-Apply a first aid antibiotic gel with pain relief like Neosporin after the waxing as necessary.

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