Chimerix’s viral drug fails to show results

So what do you do wen you catch cold or get fever? You go to a doctor, right? But what if he or the prescribed drugs fail to show it’s effects too? Something similar happened with Chimerix’s viral drug, that promised a lot but delivered few.

Chimerix Inc was noted saying that its experimental drug had failed to show significant and visible benefit in a mid-stage study involving a type of viral infection that mainly affects the lungs.

The drug, ‘brincidofovir’, was being tested on 48 patients with blood and bone marrow cancers who had AdV (adenovirus infection), a potentially fatal condition which has no known approved treatments.

The trial was designed to evaluate the potential to decrease the viral infection or prevent its progression. However the results were not as planned theoretically.

The drug was given to patients once or twice a week. Increasing progression of the infection was seen in three of the fourteen patients who were given the drug twice a week and in eight of the 16 patients who received one dose per week.

Overall mortality of the patients also decreased when the drug was given twice a week, compared to patients
who were given the drug once a week.

Shares in the Durham, North Carolina-based company
closed at $19.03 on Tuesday on the Nasdaq and were down 1 percent in premarket trading.