J&J issues recall of Motrin drops

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is reportedly recalling close to 200,000 bottles of concentrated Motrin drops for infants.

The consumer healthcare division of the company said that the action was being taken as the said drops were potentially contaminated with plastic particles.

Problem in Supply Chain
The company has asked the retailers in United States to keep the affected half-ounce bottles off the shelves. Consumers have also been advised to dispose off the original berry flavored drops and contact the company for refunds.

J&J has assured the public that normal usage of the affected Motrin drops is not likely to cause adverse medical reaction.

The U.S. based company identified the problem during the production of the fourth batch of the Motrin drops. Plastic particles, about the size of a poppy seed, were seen in these drops. The company therefore issued a recall of the first three lots.

The origin of the problem has been traced to the supply chain of J&J. The company said that the plastic particles originated in a shipment from a third party supplier of ibuprofen; an active constituent of Motrin drops.

J&J claims that corrective action has been taken at the suppliers end and the future production of the medicine will not be affected.

Earlier Recalls
The Motrin drops recall is the latest in a series of about 40 product recalls that the company has announced since 2010.

In what was termed as the biggest recall of children’s medicine by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, J&J took more than 40 nonprescription products off store shelves in 2010.

The products included Children’s Tylenol and J&J paid $22.9 million to end a lawsuit that alleged concealment of quality-control lapses by the company.

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