Time to say goodbye to that cute face: Tips on reducing face fat

A chubby face is always in for a pull. Whether it is your family or your friends, if you have those adorable chubby cheeks, then you surely must be knowing how a cheek-pull feels like. Baby fat on face may look cute for a while but after a period of time, the same thing might start to haunt you. Whether it is in your pictures or memories, a chubby face will always be termed ‘cute’ rather than ‘beautiful’. And if this thing embarrasses you, then its time to change it.

In this fast growing world, where being ‘slim’ is the ‘in’ thing, one has to look perfect and appear one’s best. So why leave your face behind. Here are some tips on reducing that baby fat of yours.

1. Eat Healthy
The first and foremost thing you need to look after is your daily diet. This is because it is the foremost source where all the unwanted fat gathers from. If you start to pay more attention towards your diet plan then you might lose weight not just from your face but all over. We know this sounds similar to all the advises you must have heard, but well, truth is bitter. If you don’t pay attention to your diet then no matter how much efforts you put in, the outcome will not be in your favour. And this is unless you eat healthy. So it is advisable to eat fresh fruits and vegetables everyday in excess, and avoid junk.

2. Reduce Salt Intake
Most of you people don’t know the fact that salt retains the water in your body and it can be a reason to have excessive facial fats. So in order to reduce facial fat you need to reduce the salt intake to get rid of chubby cheeks and double chin. It can be done simply by avoiding oily food, canned products and the meal from fast food restaurant this way automatically the salt intake will be reduced.

3. Facial Exercises
It may seem silly to you, all those awkward facial exercises, but it’s true that several facial exercises can really help reduce the fat. Some of these exercises that you can perform anywhere are

• Open and close your mouth several times.

• Chew a gum twice daily, but remember to get sugar free gum because the sweet one will add up to your your calories.

• Winking each eye 20 times a day is also helpful.
• Pull the bottom lip over the bottom teeth.

With all this said. Start up with the good work now!

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