Want a sculpted look of the jaw without resorting to surgery?

Like a jutted and prominent jaw line? Well, it’s the “all famous genes” that take the onus of your jaw shape. Heard about the “eye-catching” chiseled jaw structure? The face tends to look very impressive with a strong and prominent jaw line. But all the people cannot boast of this and may have to resort to methods to improve their jaw lines!

Exercise for a great jaw look

The basic shape of the face is dependent on the jaw bones and not all are blessed with a well-shaped, clear cut jaw. The jaw line can be worked on by the experts and surgery can correct it but we have an easier way out for you, we can help you enhance the assets you already possess. Just read on:

It’s not an easy thing to expose yourself to the doctor’s scalpel for re-corrective surgery, sometimes facial exercises can help to a great extent. There are exercises that can help in obtaining a well-sculpted jaw line. Are you a little over-weight and having weighty issues? The humongous fat layers that lead to a chubby look may actually alter the structure of the face and distort the original look. Just imagine the jaw line hidden under the fatty layered double chin?

Workout for the face

A face workout is the only answer in this case so twist your mouth, take it from one side to the other alternately, suck in the cheeks and flash those gorgeous pearly whites. It may not seem so great but go ahead and lash out a few slaps on your own face; we call this the slapping exercise. By slapping the palms to the jaw line firmly about 20-25 times will encourage the layers of tissue to dissipate and with time the well-shaped jaw will peep through.

Reduce sodium in diet

It’s a good idea to keep the sodium intake under control as an excess of salt leads to water retention. You may just be lucky and may succeed in getting rid of the bloated appearance around the jaws if you curtail the intake of salt.

Facial movements to reduce fat

There are some yogic exercises which help in tightening the chin muscles. Don’t raise the chin; just stretch it to get a chiseled shape of the jaw line. Just remember the face doesn’t have to be moved upwards, for an attractive jaw line one needs to get rid of the fatty tissues deposited on the face and get the lean look. These basic exercises will make sure that your face roughly starts the journey to a ‘perfect’ sculpted look.

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