AAA tow trucks embrace pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

Say good bye to the white, red and blue vehicles of the AAA tow trucks for a while! They are pink now! The AAA tow trucks of about 16 cities are all geared for a “pink” makeover for the purpose of Breast Cancer Awareness.

AAA changes color to pink

The AAA tow trucks plying in almost 16 cities of America have decided to change their standard, red, white and blue color for pink. They are doing their “makeover” bit for the American Cancer Society and have collaborated with them for the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Nearly 17 of the AAA tow trucks have been retouched with the pink color temporarily and are also plying about. The people driving on the roads of Tennessee, Minnesota, Nebraska, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, and Michigan with some more famous metropolitan cities, will now see the pleasant colored pink trucks drive past all through the October month .

Gerry Gutowski of AAA Automotive Services, The Auto Club Group gave his statement about this color change and exclaimed “We assist more than 25 percent of the driving public with AAA roadside assistance—and our service vehicles are seen on our nation’s roadways by millions of motorists each day.Our hope is that pink tow trucks will garner attention and spread awareness to help in the fight against breast cancer, which is the second leading cause of cancer death in women.”

Breast Cancer Awareness walk

The light pink colored vehicles don’t end their breast cancer rampage here , they are all lending their hand to raise funds aggressively for the American Cancer Society and so AAA is also all ready to take part in walking on the streets. They will contributing in almost 14 of the “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walks” for raising money.

This campaign that AAA is being an integral part of has not gone ignored by an employee of AAA.
Alene Adams who works for the AAA, survived the dreaded breast cancer states emotionally “I am a breast cancer survivor and I work for AAA in Chicago. It’s comforting to know that the company I work for understands what I am going through and would support awareness initiatives in such a visible way.”

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