Craving for those pink fuller kissable lips? Follow these natural tips

Every girl desires for those beautiful Hollywood diva lips. Those pretty rosy lips that you can show off and pout well. But not all are blessed with them naturally.

In order fulfill this urge girls out there try out various methods that involve various lip pumping surgeries and also putting injections to use.

But for all those who want to avoid those superficial methods that can cause various diseases such as cancer, HIV… here are some vital tips that will surely help to get those dream lips.

Exfoliate your lips
The most commonly tried method of making your lips look fuller and pink naturally is exfoliating your lips. You do not have to do any tough job here… all you need to do is.. take a soft toothbrush… apply a non-flavoured balm on your lips and keep massaging your lips with the toothbrush for a while before going to bed. This will remove the chapped skin of the lips and give you naturally pink and swelled up lips.

Use non-flavoured petroleum jelly
Here comes another way of making your lips pink and soft instantly. Take a non-flavoured petroleum jelly (a trusted brand) massage your lips with that for 2-3 minutes… wipe it clean with cotton or soft tissue or a cloth. Your lips will instantly appear pink and healthy looking.

Never lick your lips
Our lips’ biggest enemy is our tongue. Many people are in a habit of licking there lips when they feel that its getting dried or chapped. If you are one of them then restrict your tongue from doing that. As by doing this you are simply making them even more chapped and dark.

Keep your body hydrated
Water is your body’s best friend. All our body processes require water. Keeping your body hydrated helps your lips look beautiful.

Massage your lips with oil
Make it a rule, before going to bed massage your lips well with coconut oil or baby oil. This makes your lips softer and smoother.

Follow these tips and you will soon fall in love with your beautiful lips.