Get ready to kick the butt, gear up and quit smoking!

Are your lungs being scorched daily due to the fumes of the cigarettes? It’s time to take some action and quit the “butt” habit. Are you a hooked on smoker or just smoking to show off to your teen friends but the point is, is it easy to give up smoking?

Smoking tobacco

Well, we all know how difficult it is to kick the butt; the process takes oodles of time and tons of perseverance. So let’s get out heads together and chalk out the ideal game plan for breaking this nasty addiction and control the cravings for a cigarette. You can surely feel good when we tell you that with the correct approach lots have managed to get rid of their favorite “ciggies”.

Smoking tobacco is a physical and a psychological habit and the addiction manages to provide a smoker with a false sense of self –assurance and a drugged stupor for a little while. The body gets dependent on nicotine and lack of this in the body leads to uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that do not provide the “feel good” emotions. This is the reason why cigarettes are a favorite with the people suffering from depression, anxiety attacks or stress and end up as a routine in their life.

Lets tell you a few basic rules to START:

Set a proper date to quit smoking

Get motivated and prepared mentally that you have to throw away your tobacco butts on the fixed date. A few days gained will prepare you mentally about the changes you are going to bring about in your body.

Tell all your loved ones your “quitting plan”

Family and friends can be a great support system whenever you decide to say “no” to the tobacco habit. They will keep on encouraging you to stop the bad habit and their support will help you tide around the turbulent times.

Anticipate challenges and changes you design to help you quit

Be prepared that your body will go through withdrawal symptoms, prepare yourself that you may crave smoking and the urge may end up being unbearable at times. People generally restart their smoking habits after 3 months make sure you are not one of them psych yourself positively.

Remove the tobacco loves from your life

Look carefully for your secret treasures and those hidden emergency packets of cigarettes. Get rid of every reminder that you love your daily cigarette. Get the car washed and make sure each trace of the cigarette smoke leaves it . Go for the dry cleaning of your home and air out the personal belongings. No smoky reminders folks!

Talk to your personal physician and ask for help

Many medicines and therapies are available at out doctors that can help one stay away from Nicotine addictions. The doctors can prescribe medicines, or advise nicotine patches, nicotine gum or nicotine lozenges etc. They help in curbing down the sudden urge to pop a cigarette in the mouth.

Look out for the “cigarette-loving” situations

There are some situations in life that prompt the person to look towards a packet of white sticks loaded with nicotine.

There may be some people, alcohol, activities, some situations, some emotions like stress , lonliness, fear, depression or anxiety that may pave the path to a smoke , try to cope up by exercisinf, meditating, relaxing by relaxation techniques, or deep breathing techniques. The normal irritants that have you reach out for a cigarette can be kept under control. Another very important thing is to stay away from other smokers, after all it is a mammoth task to resist a “flaming” temptation.

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