Save your sight: Protect your eyes from the computer screen

In today’s generation, it is almost impossible to go a day without using computer or laptop. With things getting more and more advanced, although the world seems to be in our desktop, we are silently compromising with our eye-sight. People might often ask you to not use computers daily, but it can’t be so can it? So what to do in such a circumstance?

Here are some tips to keep your eye sight safe while using computers and laptops:

1. Look away frequently
While it is impossible to stop working, it is still possible to look away from your desktop after every few minutes. One cannot compromise his or her work for the stake of eyes, however the weight of this blunder is felt later in life. So the best way to keep your eye sight perfect is to look away from your desktop for at least ten to fifteen minutes. This will not let your eyes strain and will keep your eyes safe.

2. Try the Palming technique
If you feel your eyes getting strained. Take a break and try the palming technique. It is an effective yogic technique that allows your eyes to rest and keep them fresh. In this technique, all you have to do is rub your eyes gently by keeping them closed and rubbing them with your palms. This will give your eyes rest and also keep them away from danger.

3. Blink
Sometimes while you are working, your mind tends to forget to blink and keeps your eyes exposed to the harming screen of the computer desktop. Blinking is essential, and even more important when it comes to working over desktops. So no matter how long you work, keep in mind that you should blink frequently.

Having discussed all of it, make sure you follow these tips. It will save your eyes from future surgeries and costly operations.