Shocking! Father injects HIV blood in baby son

What happens when a life preserver turns into a life snatcher? This is a true story that rocked the dailies about 20 years ago and now it’s raised its head again. This is the true incident where a father had injected his little baby boy with HIV infected blood about 20 years ago, as he wanted to steer clear of paying for the child support.

Brryan infected with HIV

The 22 year old Brryan Jackson , 20 years ago was just about two when his father, who was working as a hospital technician decided to inject him with tainted blood. The father in order to avoid the child support charges in 1992 syringed his son Brryan Jackson with the infected blood. The technician wanted to avoid paying the charges to his ex-wife and this was probably the best way to do so, he decided. He was arrested by the authorities and was charged for first degree assault.

When the doctors got to know about the injection they gave Brryan only five months to live. But where man proposes God disposes. Today, the 22 year old boy is alive and works for increasing AIDS Awareness! But it has been a very traumatic journey for Brryan till now. By the time he turned 5 years of age Brryan developed AIDS and was deaf by almost 70% as he was taking very strong medications to deal with the dreaded infection.

But he never lost hope and trudged on even after he had just about 30% hearing power, and had undergone a tormented and terrible childhood. The brave youngster today educates people with facts about AIDS and HIV.

The brave youngster

In 1992 , this attempt this incident shook the nation and the father faced charges for murder but this attention helped Jackson do a lot for various non profit organistions . In 1999, Brian Stewart, Brryan’s dad was sentenced to life imprisonment for this gory act and still awaits parole. Jackson changed his name to Brryan as he grew up , he was earlier named Brian as his dad.

The young boy , in 2009, started “Hope Is Vital” an organization that spreads AIDS awareness and promotes the integration of HIV infected people into the main stream. Brryan Jackson worked as a speaker for Project Kindle. Project Kindle deals with children suffering from fatal and serious illnesses by running recreational activities and summer camps.

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