High-Tech Gadget Users Turn Their Attention To Basic Fitness Workouts

Basic workout routines are back again! Senior VP of programming Crunch Fitness, Donna Cyrus, has said that more and more people, who were dependent on high tech gadgets, are doing basic workouts to remain fit.

According to her when people pull the Bosu balls, mats or the body bars, they have already done their 10 minutes of workout unknowingly. She also added that these days, you don’t need a lot of high-tech equipment or one hour classes to remain fit. Instead, the modern classes are only of half an hour and they are quite successful among the people.

She also said that people are so busy either with their jobs or on social media sites that these stress-free classes are winning their hearts over. The American College of Sports Medicine has been carrying out a survey from the year 2008 to support Cyrus. This survey has revealed that the body weight training as well as the High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT would be the most popular fitness workouts in the coming year.

Dr. Walter Thompson told that more and more people were returning to the roots of basic workouts. About 3815 fitness and health experts took part in a survey and they chose the HIIT over the rest. Dr. Thompson also said that neither Zumba nor Pilates would be preferred in the year 2014, as people in the recent times cannot afford specific exercise routines.

In fact, the retention data has confirmed that if the exercise schedule doesn’t vary in 3 to 6 months or if it isn’t that challenging, the people tend to lose interest. However, yoga is still extremely popular all over the world as it has quite a lot of variations like prenatal yoga, power yoga and hot yoga.

The chief executive of Daily Burn, Andy Smith has added that the current body weight training included techniques from mixed martial arts along with wrestling. Thus, the body weight training isn’t limited to push-ups only; you will have to do a lot of work on the ground. However, to do HIIT, you have to follow a few precautions. It is not recommended for an old person. But for the young, it’s just perfect.