Japanese Researchers Develop Car To Foresee & Warn About Heart Attack Of Its Driver

A brand new car is under development by the Japanese researchers which is anticipated to possess the ability of foreseeing the heart attack in advance and would notify the drivers accordingly. This type of project was proposed by Takao Kato who is the professor emeritus of Nippon Medical School. The main aim of developing such car is that they want to decrease the rate of fateful accidents.

This new generation car will be equipped with 2 electric poles in order to monitor electrograph and also sensors in the steering wheel. When the blood circulates from the heart, this creates pulse waves in the b vessels. These sensors have the capacity of sensing these pulse waves. Thus, the pulse waves along with the electrocardiograms are instantly recorded through these systems.
According to Kyodo, all the recorded data will be checked on the basis of real time. By analyzing the symptoms of the voice and also the car navigation system, the analyzer will instruct the driver to stop the car in a side.

The researchers have already studied the electrocardiograms of 34 people. These people have suffered severe heart attacks while they wore Holter monitor. This monitor constantly records the rhythms of the heart. Exactly 20 people died because of heart attack. However, a similar type of fluctuations in the autonomic nerves were found in 31 people. This fluctuation occurred 1 -2 hours prior to the development of heart troubles.

With these results, Kato has concluded that the cardiac arrest can be told if this pattern can be identified in advance. Thus, this car will be extremely helpful as it will foresee this pattern much in advance. A higher ranking engineer Tsuyoshi Nakagawa of Denso Corporation told that if the circuits of these detectors are improved, they can easily get the precise data about the rhythms.
The researchers have added the electrodes to the seat of the driver to get more accuracy. In addition to that, the system can measure the electrocardiograms even if the driver uses just one hand on the steering wheel while driving.

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