Lesbophobia: Is The Society Tough On Accepting Lesbians?

The ONS released a statistics based on a study on the society which revealed that twice the number of men when compared to women were ready to reveal that they were gay. According to the results, there were 1.5% of men when compared to 0.7% of women.

Overall, 1.5% of the people when asked accepted that they were bisexual, gay or lesbian which means it is far below the 6% of the overall population according to the Government estimates. So do the results of the study indicate that the number of gays is much more than the lesbians in the society? Alternatively, were lesbians shy to disclose the fact about their relationship when compared to males? Or there are other reasons why the figures are poorly represented? This needs a thorough investigation …

Wayne Dhesi, owner of website R U Coming Out that specializes in offering advice to males and females who wish to come out said that more than 200 users have placed their stories that includes experiences of top notch celebrities Evan Davis and Jake Shears, Scissor Sisters who were notably men. Wayne said that he receives only 25% stories from females while guys have contributed abut 75%. Wayne also added that the lesbian friends in the community are very low in number and they are hoping that this situation changes to give women a new sense of freedom and confidence to tell the society the fact that they are lesbian.

While speaking of the media attention such people receive in the society, Wayne adds that end number of men enjoy gay status along with high media profiles while only a handful of lesbians enjoy the privilege. He also felt that the male gay culture has thrived well and the progress is visible while the lesbian culture is not well defined.

Hannah, 33 year old, a writer said that lesbians lack role models to relate their selves with them. She also added that even though she knew that she was a lesbian while she was 16, she could not come out of it until she reached 26 years.