Novel Jewelry Concept Can Help Communication Among People With Hearing Impairments

Japanese designers have come up with an innovative concept, which would benefit millions of people with hearing impairment spread across the world, along with the rest who do not follow sign language. This concept is developed in the form of a trendy jewelry.

The Sign language ring is a jewelry set that is developed by the creative designers from Asia University located at Tokyo in Japan. This is actually a system, which can translate sign language through voice or text language. The designers created this jewelry after taking inspiration from the prayer beads of Buddhists. This jewelry features a set of a bracelet and six rings.

The rings are worn on the fingers of the person who uses a language of gestures to communicate with each other. The rings in this jewelry set might be able to grasp the motions of a person wearing it and would convert the action in to words. These words are then transferred to the bracelet, which would be able to communicate with them. The text panel present in the bracelet displays the words spoken by the person that makes it easier for the user to understand them easily.

The users who are using this jewelry set can include lots of gestures and movements by pre recording it and assign the right kind of words in order to customize few words of their preference to enable much easier understanding. While storing it, the rings can be attached around the bracelet after every use.

This innovative creation has already achieved and won the 2013 Red Dot Award for the concept of best design at the annual competition for latest design concepts and prototypes. At present, this novel sign language ring is at display on the Red Dot Museum located at Singapore.

This is a great help for those who are suffering from hearing impairment as they might have difficulty in deciphering the thought process of others who are not aware of the sign language. Based on the reports by WHO or World Health Organization, there are more than 360 million people across the world who might be suffering from hearing impairment. Among them, adults are 328 million while kids are 32 million.

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