Ohio woman sues gynecologist for spraying drain cleaner on her genitals

An Ohio woman is suing her gynecologist for allegedly squirting a dangerous chemical used to unclog drains on her private parts.

The woman, identified as “Laura,” said the experience was agonizing which caused her intense pain and has left incapable of bearing children.

Laura claims the incident happened when she had visited her gynecologist, Dr John Black to undergo what was a routine gynecological exam called a colposcopy in his chamber in Akron, at Paragon Health in Summit County, Ohio.

As a part of the prepping procedure, Black sprayed some liquid from a spray bottle marked “vinegar” onto her genitals and into her vaginal canal. Apparently, doctors regularly use diluted vinegar when examining a woman’s private parts, but Black had erroneously applied a solution that contained potassium hydroxide, a chemical commonly used to clear drains and pipes. Laura felt a painful burning sensation.

Laura stated, ‘It was like an open cut with rubbing alcohol being poured into it.”

As per the lawsuit, on noticing her reaction, Black realized that something was amiss. He poured some of the liquid he used on Laura into a cup and “tasted it on the tip of his tongue which immediately started to burn.” He immediately tried to hose down the burn area with three bottles of saline solution and also began applying a cream to numb the pain.

According to Paul, Laura’s husband, Dr Black wasn’t wearing gloves, “He puts an ungloved dirty finger inside her and rubs a numbing cream inside her. It’s disgusting.”

Dr Black told his patient, “I hope you’re not offended. I just want to let you know I’ve been married forever, and I don’t have any diseases.”

A few hours after the medical blunder, Black called Laura and advised her to go to Akron General Hospital’s emergency room and medics found a plastic bottle cap behind Laura’s cervix during examinations. Though Paragon had asserted that the pH level of the liquid mistakenly used was 7.5, basically quite harmless, it was later discovered that it was 12 or higher.

The mishap has led to injuries that have impacted her sexual life. Moreover, she is enduring ongoing, irregular bleeding and can’t go swimming with her two kids. Also it has marred all hopes of the couple having more children because she will now need a hysterectomy.

Laura stated, “This a scenario that no woman would ever, ever imagine.”

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