Puffy eyes cause for awkwardness? Read on for valuable ‘fresh eye’ tips

Looking tired and aged? Or are you all ready for a party but embarrassed by swollen eyelids and puffy eyes. It’s of utmost importance that our eyes are fondly tended to, protected and maintained to stay healthy. Research reveals that nearly 22% people get puffy eyes, due to the constant stress levels that they are steeped under in their daily lives. But don’t you worry, we may just be able to help you!

Reasons for puffy eyes

Did you have a crying bout the night before and were unable to sleep till the wee hours of the morning? This may cause puffy eyes.

Other reasons why the eyelids seem to be swollen is lots of sodium in diet ( excessive salt), toxin build up in the body, emotional or physical duress, excess waste product build up in body, consumption of alcoholic beverages, hereditary factors, dermatitis, allergic reactions, fluid retention in body, hormonal imbalance, sinus conditions, deficiency of vitamins etc.

Frequent wear of contact lenses can also lead to puffy eyes.

Find a way for yourself

Have an appropriate shut eye : Eyes also need rest remember that! Sleep deprivation forces the eyes to work overtime and deprives them of the much needed rest and leads to swollen bags under the eyes. The swollen bags are formed by the collection of fluids and fats underneath the eye and the fluid collected is prominent because the skin under the eye area is fragile and thin.

Keep the eyes cool

Cut a few cucumber slices and place them on closed eyes for about 15 minutes. Even used tea bags drained and cooled in the fridge can be use regularly to keep down the swelling, the tannin in the tea bags keeps down discoloration and swelling under the eyes.

Balanced diet is very important

Try to include B12 and Vitamin K in the diet as lack of these vitamins lead to swollen eyelids. Drink plenty of water, eat lots of vegetables and fruits but remember to keep the salt levels down.

Control the hands, no rubbing!

The under eye area has very thin capillaries that split when rubbed hard. When these capillaries split they cause puffiness and discolorations.

Kick the butt

Excess alcoholic beverages and smoking cigarettes can be very bad for the eyes as they lead to under eye circles, and further result in swollen eyelids. A good way is to wet a cloth, drain the excess water, and place it on the tired eyes just before retiring to bed.

Blink away , take a break

Take regular break intervals as you slog it out especially if you spend hours typing away on the computers. Another word of caution if you have swollen eyes that are effecting your daily activities or are swollen 2-3 times more than one sees in the normal eyes, it’s time to head to a doctor.

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