Squirming due to bloatedness? Chances are, you must be a woman!

Feeling stuffy and bloated? Can’t keep your food in your gut and rush to the bathroom after every food morsel? It maybe the ‘irritable bowel syndrome’. Now the reports highlight and say Check out the gender; the chances of the sufferer being a woman are more than a man .

Stomach complaints

Research studies confirm that lesser number of men grumble about irritable bowel syndrome and bloating as compared to women. The female gender has more stomach complaints it seems!

The Huffington Post has reported that according to Cynthia M. Yoshida, MD, author of ‘ No More Digestive Problems’ states that the people need to avoid foods that are not easily absorbed by the body during digestion, namely the small carbohydrates, and should actually eat “right foods” like leafy greens, pumpkin, berries etc .

Have you ever realized that we take in cupfuls of air as we gobble on our foods? This air gulping is the main reason why the body complains of a bloating sensation, says Gastroenterologist Patricia Raymond.

Check out the diet

We commonly see that the latest fad is the crash diets where one cuts out tremendously on the calorie intake. Yoshida says, this drastic reduction of calorie intake sets the foundation of indigestion and various stomach disorders. Another common thing that plays up the stomach with indigestion is the stress levels. Whenever one experiences stress the stomach starts to trouble by getting upset.

Common reasons for flatulence

Gas and flatulence is a normal part of the stomach works. Bloating, burping etc are seen frequently and is a sign that the intestines and stomach are working hard to break the food into energy. It’s when the gas settles in the stomach and leaves behind fullness in the abdominal region, leading to a lot of discomfort.

There are a few ways out. One can alter the diet and the drinking pattern to get some relief from this state. Ulcerations and gall bladder working disorders can cause flatulence and discomfort. Many prescription medicines and vitamin supplements do leave the stomach agitated. There are other complications like the Crohn’s disease, hormonal upheavals, Ulcerative colitis, chronic constipation, or a bowel obstruction that make one complain of stomach problems.

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