Too Much Bodybuilding Obsession Could Lead To Bigorexia In Males

Experts feel that a potentially dangerous obsession with bodybuilding is rising among men in the recent times. Muscle dysmorphia is the condition that is just the opposite of anorexia that would make the people suffering from it to believe that they do not have enough muscles. This disorder is fondly known as bigorexia but only fewer facts are available about this condition, as medical practitioners recognized it only in 1997 by doctors.

The world expert on muscle dysmorphia Dr. Stuart Murray said that he has made an estimate that about one percent among the population of UK is suffering from this condition. However, it can be just the fraction when looking at the real picture as many might feel ashamed about it that they would refrain from seeking medical attention. He also added that while looking at the data for the past 3 decades he has seen a number of men who are not satisfied at the triple body they possess. He also added that he had sufficient data, which said that men are even ready for sacrificing most of their lives to achieve bigger biceps. This is a new trend that was not heard even in the 70s and 80s at least among the laymen.

Sufferers also said that strict dietary regimes are followed by these guys and would feel terrible when they miss a session at the gym. Dr. Murray also added that he worked with a person who was nursing a broken wrist but he continued his fitness training as he felt he could not risk his training session for the pain in his broken wrist. This was because he did not want to lose his muscles because of the wrist that broke.

The former Hollywood stuntman, Edouard “Spyk” Gheur who is also a bodybuilder and a model said that he used to eat 10,000 calories everyday while made sure he sweated out 6 hours in the gym each day and continued for 6 days per week. The Editor of Men’s fitness magazine said that action heroes also have an influence on men’s liking to have muscle mass. This is why the males are over-possessed with hyperactive ripped figure to make sure that are capable of anything.

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