Too Much Texting – One of the Major Reasons for Breakup of Relationships

Mobile phones have undoubtedly become an indispensable part of our life. It is possible to communicate with anyone in this world by just dialing a number. And I am sure more than anyone, lovers know its significance to a great degree!!

If the lovers dub it a great asset, as it helps them to maintain their relation with their loved ones, it has another angle-it can turn out to be a reason behind breakup in a relation.

Let’s pore through the fundamentals! You must be aware that the radio frequencies that come out from mobile are one of the main causes of extinction of a number of minute creatures on this earth. Even the mosquitoes and flies are in the verge of extinction due to the use of these devices for communication.

However, a recent study conducted by Brigham Young University that was revealed this Wednesday has depicted a very interesting relationship between mobile and human relationship. The study found that too much use of the mobile phone could damage your relationship with your cherished ones. How?

The study

The study that was conducted in the year 2009 was performed with 276 adults who were engaged in a relationship.

Among those 38% of the people revealed that they were involved in a serious relationship. While 46% among them were engaged and 15% were married.

During the course of the study, the adults were asked to fill out an online form that asked them a few queries about their habits of texting. The researchers revealed that 82% of the respondents texted their loved ones many times in a day.


The results of the two-year study depicted the nature of male and female in a relationship. It also revealed that when men texted their lady love more, it showed that they were not happy in the relationship.

It shows even if a boy and girl may be in a strong and committed relationship, but too much doing of the simple activity like texting can end up a strong relationship.

Women if you text your boyfriend a lot, your partner may think you’re stifling him. If men are seen texting their girlfriends a lot then it is usually taken as a sign of unhappiness in the relationship. .

The results of this study would be published in the Journal of Couple and Relation Therapy this week.

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