Christmas season – Tips for restless sleepers

The festive season is fun. But along with the jovial and buoyant beat also come the stress and sleeplessness.

With Christmas round the corner, people are busy looking around a perfect gift for their partner, accepting too many party invitations or simply throwing a lavish Christmas party.

But watch out … All these will surely rob you off your sound night sleep.

Nerina Ramlakhan, a sleep expert asserted, “Organizing and preparing for any big day or important event, such as Christmas, can be a daunting task. With a never ending list of things to do and a head swirling with information and thoughts it can prove difficult for anyone to switch off at the end of the day.

“Throw in additional stresses and strains of daily life and sleeping through the night can prove even trickier than usual.”

But simple and handy tips might help:

Minimize your electronic exposure: Laptops, smartphones, tabs and other electronic gadgets could hinder your good night’s sleep. Easy access tempts one to buy Christmas presents online or search the web. Ramlakhan suggests that one should avoid these gadgets 60 to 90 minutes before retiring to bed. This will ensure a relaxed and refreshed look and feel the next morning.

Don’t skip breakfast: Skipping breakfast is the biggest medical crime. As breakfast has the largest gap from the previously eaten meal, avoiding it causes body damage.
Avoiding breakfast also affects the sleeping pattern. People who eat breakfast produce higher levels of melatonin, hormone responsible for inducing sleep, as compared to those who skip the meal.

Be well hydrated during the day: Remaining well hydrated is the key to good health. But Ramlakhan says it’s also the key to a
sound sleep.

Dehydration fuels frequent waking and ‘shallow’ sleep. Thus, remaining well hydrated during the day spells a good night’s sleep.

Reduce stress levels People who retire to bed happily sleep better than their stressed-out peers. So dealing with your worries before going to bed is a better bet.

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