Deal with your teenager’s trauma sensibly

Has your teenager faced a trauma due to a catastrophic event or a violent episode? There is an urgency to help the youngsters to cope up with the emotional turmoil that has resulted due to the disastrous incident and this is a baggage that has to be shouldered by a parent.

Accept their reactions

Each person shows a different reaction at the nerve-shattering incident. Emotional support rendered at the correct time to these nubile youngsters can help them tide away the nasty memories and the worries that follow the incidents. The incidents may be a strong violent streak they have observed as children in their parents, teachers, or relatives.

But there are some unfortunate youngsters who experience behavioral problems for many years. The traumatic incident affects the youngsters deeply making them vulnerable to emotions like anger, withdrawal, depression or fear. Parental support helps the youngsters stand up to the situation to avoid emotional harm in the long run.

Explain the incident

You can describe the incident to the teenager to the best of your ability. Timely intervention is the key. Talking about it openly will help the youngster understand better. Make sure that you give the kids a chance to voice their feelings, their thoughts about what they have gone through without interrupting them and offering any suggestions. But be careful do not pressurize the youngsters to discuss the incident if they are not up to it. The youngsters must realize that it is perfectly normal to be shaken after a traumatic episode.

Be patient

The youngsters need time to open up and express their feelings. Make sure the kid internalizes your patient attitude and is slowly weaned back into the home routine. The regularity of the routine is a balming factor for youngsters and they need to know that the incident is not their mistake. Teenagers hate that their attitude is being related to a child or called “babyish”. The regressive behavior like bed wetting, thumb sucking, fear of the dark etc. need not be reprimanded, let them be sad or cry if they feel like. They are not brave but are just pretending to be strong.

Trust your child, he/she will pull through

Trust them and encourage the teenagers to take control of the situation. Start with personal decisions like the color of their rooms, the food to be made for dinner etc. Don’t forget to take care of yourself in the bargain, you too have faced a tough deal with them. The youngsters may shy away from their schools and show sudden temper tantrums, don’t worry this will pass, just love your kiddo crazy!

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