Madhya Pradesh woman delivers 10 still born babies

Medical science often reports bizarre happenings and once again we see an extremely rare occurrence. In Madhya Pardesh, a 28 year old woman has given birth to 10 babies – all stillborn report the doctors.

Medical bizarre happenings

Reports confirm that in a unique case of its kind, a young 28 year old woman delivered 10 children but all of the new-borns were still born. The doctors who attended to her in Madhya Pradesh call it an extremely rare case. This happening took place in the Koti Village in district Satna.

Anju Kushwaha was expecting a child and went into labor so she was taken to Sanjay Gandhi Memorial hospital, in the neighboring district of Rewa , that is about 125 km away from Koti . The lady could not reach the hospital and gave birth to 10 babies who were still born, on the way to the hospital.

Ten still births

The doctors at the hospital were fascinated and shocked when Sanjay, Anju’s husband handed over the dead babies to the hospital. The most surprising thing was that after giving birth to ten still born babies, the medical team who were attending to her discovered one more foetus. S.K.
Pathak, the Sanjay Gandhi Memorial hospital’s assistant superintendent said that the fetus in the womb which was delivered on Monday morning was also still born.

The doctors say that the lady was on fertility drugs in order to stimulate ovulation in the ovaries and prompt the female organs to produce a large number of egg sacs. Miscarriage and “
hyper stimulation syndrome” was said to be the reason for the still births.

The mother is proclaimed to be in good health.