5 Back pain myths and facts, busted

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that in the upcoming time as many as 8 out of 10 people would be suffering from back pain. The reasons that are aplenty to be blamed include the fast changing lifestyle patterns, increasing stress levels, desk jobs, lack of physical activity et al.

There have been quite a few myths existing since time immemorial, with the back pain. It’s time to rub off some myths related to back pain.

Myth: Don’t slouch, sit straight
Fact: Yes, slouching does not have a very good impact on your back, but sitting uprightly straight at the same time, can strain your back, hence keep on moving your back after some time and avoid sitting for too long. Instead, try standing after sometime.

Myth : Bed rest cures your back pain
Fact : Bed rest is recommended in the event of a strain or back injury, else excessive bed rest can worsen the pain.

Myth : Being skinny will help you escape back pain
Fact : No, it’s not so. Being skinny does not necessarily mean that you will not face back pain. In fact, persons suffering from anorexia (an eating disorder) are on a risk of bone loss, which can result into a back pain.

Myth : Exercise can trigger back pain
Fact: Nope! This is false. In fact, exercise prevents back pain. Yes, those suffering from back injuries may have a different regime of exercise altogether, but physical activity, in the long run help prevent back pain in future.

Myth : Surgery is only the answer
Fact: Absolutely not! Unfortunately, there are cases where the pain persists even after undergoing the surgery to fix the back problem. While neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons often recommend back or spine surgery, they remain uncertain whether the surgical intervention will help cure the pain.

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