5 Simple tips to reduce menstrual cramps

So here comes again the next month when you women out there begin to feel dizzy, lethargic and absolutely dull. What’s new? This is exactly what almost all the women on this planet face.

Well, if you are suffering from the much-known menstrual cramps, these are some ready tips that you can practice in order to minify your pains.

A glass of Milk

Milk, which is a rich source of calcium, works wonders for cramps. It helps lessen the pain during this phase. So, the next time you are in pain, make sure you include a glass of calcium-rich milk in your eating schedule.

Hot water

Yes, you guessed it right! Hot water or warm water helps avoid painful bloating during menstruation. Water being a liquid is good for cramps as hot water is known to increase the blood flow to skin, thereby, diminishing the effect of pain. You can also indulge in eating water-based foods like watermelon, cucumber and lettuce.

Use Ginger

If some researchers are to be believed, ginger can bring relief to menstrual cramp. All you need to do is, just put a small piece of ginger in hot water and drink it. This will help reduce the pain to a great extent.

Say No to Tea or Coffee

We all are acquainted with the fact that tea and coffee have a greater presence of caffeine in them. Evidently, researches have pointed out that reducing the intake of caffeine can take away cramps. Chocolates, which are every woman’s favourite, too need to be sacrificed during this phase, since chocolates have levels of caffeine in them that can only augment the problem.

Exercise…yes, you heard it right !

Exercise releases endorphins which act as a natural painkiller, thus, exercise is known to lift your mood when tensed. A moderate walk or yoga helps prevent cramps along with relaxing your mind and body.

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