Desire to be healthy? Keep these 6 sugar laden foods at bay

Have the weighing scales tipped up a little since last week? It must be the extra sugar that did the trick. Consumption of foods high in sugar leads to weight gain, lethargy and sudden energy bursts. Now don’t go reducing the sugar in your cuppa tea- the culprit lies somewhere else. There are some food stuffs that we end up popping in our mouth anytime that can keep piling up the amount of sugar you take into the body:

The yummy sweet candies

Sweet candies are one of the most popular foods high in sugar. Candy sweets are loaded on the sugar content and artificial colorings and preservatives as well. These products can lead to a fall in performance levels, awful mood swings and hyperactivity. The preservatives and colorings in foods high in sugar have been shown to cause asthma attacks, colds and cough.

Sugar free food stuffs

Heard about diet cold drinks and other foods? These are the diet food stuffs that profess zero calories, claim to be sugar free because of sugar substitutes and artificial sweeteners. Generally the sweeteners that contain sucralose are the ones that are recognized as safe. But these do not help you get rid of the craving for sugar though it is identical in taste.

Freshly squeezed juice

This is going to shock you, can you imagine that a 250 ml glassful of juice has almost 10 tsps of sugar. This is the fresh juice story – the energy burst is just amazing in this case but the aftermath involves irritability, lethargy and fatigue. It’s better to eat 5-6 oranges that will fill the stomach also and will also provide fiber to the body along with the juice.

Artificially Flavored yogurt

Believe us there is caloried fruit pulp in your flavored yogurt along with the artificial fruit flavorings that add the zing to your yogurt, and let us tell you, flavored yogurt is very fattening! They may be sold as fat free foods but they contain a huge amount of calories and have a very high sodium content. Chop fruits and add to your yogurt for the taste.

The colas and soft drinks

If you feel like stocking yourself on the caffeine, amino acid and sugar level then go for the cola section but remember they do nothing but lead to diseases like type 2 Diabetes and manage to increase the blood pressure, and heart rate. The artificial sweeteners and carbon dioxide etc in the cola drinks have side effects and can cause grave acidity in the body. Excess of the caffeine content in the body can cause serious conditions like behavioral problems and seizures too.

The baked goodies

We know they delight the palate but have you counted the amount of white flour, sugar and fats that is put into to make them. The trans fats and saturated fats in the baked goods increases the chances of heart diseases and popping up the cholesterol levels. They have a high carbohydrate content.

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