Fed up of red, puffy eyes? Read on for reducing eye puffiness

Had a bad night and upset because of the wrinkled and puffy eyes or is this a regular feature? Generally this is the case if one is under the weather or one has a disturbed night sleep. We need to fix the look right away and reduce the puffiness to get rid of the tired and haggard look. So read on for some tips to reduce puffy eyes:

Drink a few glasses of extra water

Generally puffiness is a result of salt deposits and dehydration. Make sure you consume water regularly. Puffy eyes are an indication that the water level in the body needs to be increased.

Hemorrhoid cream

Hemorrhoid cream reduces wrinkles and tightens the puffy areas real fast but just be careful when you apply the cream, make sure it doesn’t get into the eye. A strong smelly cream can be made better by mixing a little moisturizer into it.

Cold spoons

Cool a metal spoon under cold water or put it in a bowl with icy water, dry the spoons and place the rounded area of the spoon base on the eyes for about 30-40 seconds to cool down the puffiness. Besides the puffiness this exercise also gives an energy boost to a person because of the freshness feelings.

Use an avocado slice

Do you know that a tired look can add on years to your appearance? It’s time to grab a little shut eye and relax those mirrors to the soul. If you don’t have enough time to rest then the best way is to apply slices cut from a ripe avocado on closed eyelids.

Caffeinated tea

Have you ever heard your grandmother tell you to soothe your tired eyes with a cotton ball soaked in black tea? The natural tannins present in the tea have diuretic properties and are an amazing help in lessening the puffiness in the eyes. Chill a few used tea bags in the refrigerator and then place on the eyelids for about 15 minutes; this will help in adding a freshness to the eyes.

Red and puffy eyes can get relief from potato slices, grated potatoes and cold cucumber slices. Change the slices if you feel that the coldness of the cucumber is gone. Lie back and rest with these applied on your eyes and this will help in add the refreshing touch to your look. Thirty minutes of this treatment can help the eyes enormously.

Teething rings of the babies

Eye packs and baby teething rings have a gel that can remain cool for at least half an hour. Just put the teething rings into the freezer and cool them till ice cold. Close the eyelids, lie back for a while and place the gel filled teething rings on the eyes for about 15 minutes. This will help in reducing the puffy look to the eyes and invigorate the senses.

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