Get familiar with the dreaded flu virus

Coughing up sputum the whole night through? You may have been stung by the flu bug. Flu is a very common respiratory disease that is contagious and is spread by a virus. It can be easily transmitted from one person to the other through the respiratory droplets that are thrown all around because of the sneezing and coughing.

The flu and its symptoms

The Flu or influenza virus also spreads when one comes in contact with an object that has been touched and infected by a person who has flu. The dreaded flu shows up symptoms that can make one feel very uncomfortable with. One gets body aches headache, nasal congestion, fever, chills, dry cough, cold, Extreme fatigue, and irritating sneezing bouts.

The symptoms are very similar to those one has when one catches a cold and this may delay the diagnosis. The only difference is that the two are caused by a different set of virus. The worst is when the body is attacked by both the virus together, but whatever medical attention is required to avoid complications. The influenza symptoms are more severe than the flu and also incapacitate a person for a longer period.

Treatment of influenza

In reality we have to bear the attack of the influenza virus in our system and all we can do is perk up the immune system to wage a war against the virus and kill it. At the same time keep an eye on the symptoms and make sure that timely efforts are put in to avoid complications and treat the obvious symptoms.

Stay indoors and eat proper diet

Try to stay away from the chilly winds and make sure that you stay warm. Gorge on some healthy foods and warm drinks in plenty. lay back in bed to give yourself the absolutely necessary rest that will aid proper recovery. For some time try to keep the daily activities at bay.
Excess tiredness can cause complications and a set back to the immune system.

Over the counter drugs for fever and cold

It’s a sensible action to resort to over the counter drugs that help the body to combat the symptoms like inflammation, fever congestion and pain. These are like decongestants, aspirin, paracetamol. The decongestants help in lowering the cold symptoms and the other OTC medications take care of inflammation and the fever. Make sure you administer the medicines after telling the physician about the age of the person suffering from the flu.

Antiviral drugs

There are some antiviral drugs that have come up in the markets that can now taper down the symptoms created by the bacterial infections. Mostly these drugs are effective when the infection just starts but they need to be taken only after consulting a physician.

Prevention better than cure

Eat properly always and take a balanced diet to keep your immune system spruced up.

Exercise regularly, this always takes care of the immune system.

Contact spreads the flu infection so try to stay away from people who are sick and showing signs of an infection.

Avoid sugary foods, fatty gourmet delights and alcoholic drinks. Try to drink fluids and take proper rest.

Wash your hands regularly and keep the infection laden germs away. Wash your hands regularly and keep the infection laden germs away. Always carry an alcoholic hand sanitizer to sanitize your hands.

Don’t keep touching your hands to your nose and face.

Make sure you get a flu vaccination to defend your body against the influenza virus attack. The vaccine shot needs to be repeated every year.

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