Go slim with the Mediterranean diet food recipes

Desirous of shedding those piling on calories? Add some Mediterranean diet recipes to your everyday food list and make a complete and balanced meal. You may be surprised but sticking to the Mediterranean diet food list may help keep many diseases like Alzheimer’s , diabetes and cancer at bay. So read on for some “weight losing” benefits of healthy eating:

Fiber rich diet

Mediterranean diet recipes are prepared out of essential antioxidants and fiber, thus keeping the intake of calories limited. The diet is created by innovatively using extra virgin olive oil, legumes, fish, pasta, vegetables, and bread spruced up with some animal origin food products. Do not gorge a huge meal at one time make sure you split the amount of food consumed into three or four sittings. This aids digestion and also utilizes the essential food nutrients.

Gobble on the pasta

Introduce pasta as your main meal and eat it in proper amounts along with loads of green and colored vegetables as this is the main ingredient of a Mediterranean diet. The meal should also have whole wheat grain bread but make sure to avoid the white and specialty breads that have been prepared with butter and oil.

Taking only pasta with legumes or vegetables, at one time contributes to an “all-in-one-meal”. This keeps the calorie intake lowered but is as nutritionally healthy as a three course healthy Italian meal.

Splash the olive oil

The ideal medium to cook your meals is olive oil, say the experts. They confirm that this fat can be easily digested. This oil, rich in phenols, possesses the benefits of a healthy Mediterranean diet. This decreases the chances of arthritis and heart disease by keeping the chronic inflammation at bay.

Alternative meats

Stick to the alternative meat category like turkey, rabbit, chicken, and pork that have nutritional benefits similar to red meats. Sardines, anchovies and other fish including more varieties of the blue fish are low on the fat content and have a high nutritional value.

Keep the salt tapered down

Why not reduce the salt intake in your meals? You can spunk up the taste of the foods by splashing the meal with spices and herbs. This is nutritionally healthy and also adds the necessary flavor to the food.

Last but not the least, make sure you sink your teeth regularly into fruits and vegetables and stock up by opening the Pandora box of nutrients, minerals, vitamins and fiber.

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