Meditation benefits: 6 reasons why it’s good for mental & physical health

Peace of mind, vibrant health, great energy, positive relationships and fulfilment in life, almost all of us have listed all or a couple of these as New Year resolutions. If you too are wondering how to set course on achieving these, try meditation.

Reasons to meditate are plenty. People do it as a part of a spiritual journey, to understand and experience the true meaning of life. People meditate to relax and gain health and for the overall general well being.

In fact, the benefits of meditation have even been vetted by Howard Medical School. As per a recent study conducted by the prestigious school, it’s been stated meditation can change the body on a genetic level. Regular meditation has shown to activate disease fighting genes that protect from body issues like pain, infertility and even rheumatoid arthritis. The effect of these genes is just as powerful as any medical drug without the side effect. So go ahead and give relaxing breathing a shot and avail the following benefits.

Lowers stress
Meditation helps lower stress. It does this by reducing cortisol, the stress creating hormone in the body. Besides reducing tensions, active meditation also helps people deal with anxiety laden situations better.

Makes the brain more productive
Mindful meditation helps you gain more focus enabling better cognitive processing, enhancing memory and concentration abilities. According to neuroscience journals, meditation helps control cortical alpha rhythms which help us have a better control over processing pain and emotions.

Good for the heart
Besides the mind, meditation is great for the heart as well. It improves blood circulation, lowers heart rate, places less stress on the heart, in short the perfect activity for the vital organ. Not only this, meditation also helps in lowering lipid peroxide that may play a role in the development of atherosclerosis and other degenerative diseases associated with growing old.

Helps us become better people
Research at Northeastern University has shown meditation to be related to virtuous behaviour. Mindful meditation has proved to make people less judgemental, more self-aware and better listeners during interactions with others. It also makes us more compassionate making it beneficial for the people with whom we relate.

Lowers depression risk among teenagers and pregnant women
Meditation is especially beneficial for teenagers and pregnant women who are at high risk of facing depression. Youngsters practising meditation are better suited to deal with strain, anxiety and peer pressure. Would-be-mums are known to have a one in a five chance of facing “blues”. Meditation for pregnant women can be encouraging and gives them an empowered feeling towards giving birth.

Conscious evolution
Regular meditation helps the conscious evolve and triggers a higher state of well being. Minor disturbances in life become negligible and people learn to live in the present and let go of the past. Meditation also helps people learn more about themselves setting off a desire to unravel about the mystery of life and the universe. In short, with the assimilation of meditation into daily life, the fifth state of consciousness known as the cosmic consciousness, dawns which enables a person to perceive the whole cosmos as part of oneself.

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