Party time exhaustion! Effective restful night tips after the New Year bash

Did the late night New Year’s Party exhaust you? Do you wonder how you can get back to routine after a hectic late night social life style? It’s time to restrain and hold back the partying my friends for a few days! It may be the lack of a proper night of sleep that may be nagging you and making you crabby and irritated.

Efforts to have some shut eye fail and one is left constantly tossing and turning about in bed. It’s time to take over the reins and get some effective shut-eye and better rest with a proper sleep routine!

The family responsibilities, everyday challenges, work pressures, stressful relationships, unhealthy status of a person deludes a person from a proper night of rest. The only way out is to adopt some habits that brings on a peaceful night’s sleep.

Give up the alcohol for a few days

Leave the bottle alone. New Year parties and the Christmas Dinners were enough it’s time to quiet the stomach and the senses for a bit and get back to a steady regularized routine.

Make your room comfortable

A dark, cool and quiet room can be very relaxing and is the best place to get appropriate rest and good night sleep. Even the pillow and the mattress are factors that contributing to comfort. Don’t let the pets and kids cuddle in with you; you will never be able to get that valuable shut-eye that will help you recover from the “party mania”.

Re-establish a sleep time schedule

Haven’t you skipped your sleep timings way too many times? This is the main reason for not being able to sleep well. Ideally one should retire to bed and wake up the next morning from sleep at the same time every day.

Try to make sure you stick to this schedule even on holidays and weekends. We have a word of advice for you. If you are unable to sleep at your fixed time after struggling for about 15 minutes, then get out of bed to do a relaxing activity like listening to music or reading a book. Don’t fret; sleep will come even if a little later.

Fix a steady bedtime practice

Fix a particular habit that relaxes you just before you retreat to bed. Take a hot shower, a warm bath, or listen to music with dimmed lights, all these activities help in relaxation, and will bring on sleep. But make sure you stay away from the idiot box or the computer games or any other media that can lure you before bedtime. Electronic media interferes with sleep.

The dietary pattern

Be very careful about what you eat and drink before sleeping. An over full stomach and a hungry stomach both mean trouble for sleep. A discomfort in the stomach can keep you up nights. Make sure that you restrict the fluid intake before you hit the shack or the night trips to the bathroom may drive you crazy. This included alcohol at night. Alcoholic beverages may give the impression that it makes the sleep pattern better but it disturbs sleep late at night.

Naps in the daytime are a “No-No”

A nap taken in the daytime for long hours can actually interfere with proper sleep quality. If you must restrict the nap to about 10 minutes to maximum half an hour, right in the middle of the afternoon.

Another thing that should be an essential part of your daily routine is getting back to a regular exercise pattern, but it should not be close to your sleep timings. This will help control breathing and managing stress. A stress free life means a rested life!

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