Wait a minute! You may be making a ‘health mistake’

On a diet and ordered a bowlful of “calorie free” salad? Peek carefully you are just about to commit a health mistake my friends! We all know that saturated fats are to be a minimum in the diet and we need to gorge on the vegetables and thus we lunge for the salad bowl every time it comes on the table. Lots of times we make mistakes that we assume are healthy, just read on yours may not be the healthiest lifestyle.

The calorie-laden salad bowl

Proudly ordered a salad bowl at a restaurant? Well, look into the bowl carefully it’s another burger meal you are hogging on. The chefs there add croutons, chicken pieces, full-fat dressings, sodium, fat and some other tasty but unhealthy nutrients to make the salad yummy. Just make sure you ask the chef to cut out the dressings, cheese, fried croutons etc and eat the lettuce leaves. The cabbage and carrots added may not be that tasty but they sure are healthy.

The musical workout

Listening to music as you jog on the treadmill? That’s great but make sure that you keep the volume tapered down. The exposure of the ears to sounds more than 85 decibels is not healthy and can cause hearing loss in the long run. You can take the help of earphones playing the music at a reasonable decibel level as they can block out the noises in the background.

Weighing scale phobia

Closing your eyes to the adding calories to your frame? Its time that you climbed onto the weighing scales regularly my friends. That casual extra bite may have added many pounds to your frame without you even realizing that it’s been done. The “weighing scale” awareness and check out will act as a motivation for you to keep the weight down so make sure you climb on often enough and keep that munching under control.

Using the sunscreen or not?

Did you just take a dollop of sunscreen on your hands to apply on your face? Well, you just managed to stick your palms in the lotion and just a teeny-weeny reaches your face. Dot it all over your face and smear it into the skin. One more word of advice don’t forget the other exposed parts of the body like your hands, feet, back of the neck, temples and the tops of the ears. All in all be careful as you splash the “ray blocker” on!

Did you forget the floss?

Leave those shining pearly whites healthy forever, never let go the dental floss. Research shows, that a large number of women suffer from periodontal diseases. These facts have been confirmed by the American Academy of Periodontology.

Periodontal diseases can cause bacteria to creep into the bloodstream and cause severe chronic inflammation in the body and also increase chances of cancer, strokes and heart diseases. According to David Schneider, DMD, a Chevy Chase, MD, periodontist, “Flossing is so critical because the hormonal changes that occur in women during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause cause the oral bacteria that lead to gum disease to grow more readily.” So floss after every meal and stay healthy!

Pain and ignoring it

Stop a moment and give that fagged out body a rest. Do you suddenly feel the aches and pains take over? The aching back, the tired muscles, the constant cough, and indigestion, all may be a “cry out message”.

The fatigue is not natural, don’t ignore it, it may be an underlying medical condition that needs attention right away. Research quoted by the media has stated “some women will ignore even crushing fatigue and pain, symptoms that in a partner or child would send them scurrying for a doctor’s appointment.”

Lastly, don’t forget to catch up on the beauty sleep is the experts’ advice that should never be ignored.

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