7 Ways to improve your self-esteem

We, as individuals are often faced with vicissitudes that have the power to influence our minds, and eventually our entire personality as a person. Circumstances, whether odd or even, should not be given the button of your happiness or sadness. You should endeavour to control the external situations and not let them affect you and knock you down.

A person low on self-esteem loses confidence in himself, is filled with reluctance and inhibitions, becomes un-expressive and finally, loses the battle. But, hey, hold on! This is not the end. We all tend to come across such situations that make us feel absolutely distressed and dismayed, however, this doesn’t mean that you can’t stand up.

If you are feeling low and dysphoric, read on to discover how you can get back on your track, standing tall and more powerful.

Motivate your own self

You, being an extraordinary human being, have the power to mould circumstances in your favour. Believe in this. When you start believing in this, you automatically begin to trust yourself. And when that happens, you take pride in things you do. You get more optimistic and more vivacious.

Appreciation break

Take a 10-minute appreciation break and on a piece of paper, write down your achievements hitherto. Achievements do not necessarily have to be material; they can be inner achievements like forming a good habit or the like. Pen down your qualities and appreciate yourself for the tasks that you think have earned you a good name. This activity will help you great deal.

Do the right thing

When you already know deep within, what is right, go for it. Don’t slouch. Just stand up. For instance, if you feel like educating an unprivileged child, then don’t hold back and think whether or not to go. Just go in there and teach a few chapters to a child. This way you’ll feel contended and will feel good and will be proud of yourself.

Read inspiring books

In the events where you are low on self-esteem, grab an encouraging book and begin reading it. Or watch an inspirational video; this will help you get back on track and will motive you to great heights.

Stop comparing yourself with others

No human is alike. You are better than thousands; you got to believe in it. Never fall into the trap of comparing yourself with other because others’ circumstances would be different than yours, and hence, no possibility of comparison arises. Believe in yourself.

Be in the company of supportive people

Spend less time with those who fill your mind with negativity. Rather, start spending time with people who exhibit positivity and support you.

Handle failures in a positive way

So what if you failed. Failures are stepping stones to success. Great legends have failed miserable, but still they didn’t lose their self-esteem, and they won at last. Believe in yourself, and the world will be yours.

Just be optimistic, be confident, be generous to people around you, believe in your own wings that can make you fly higher…!

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