Craving for yummy foods? Wait a minute, read on 6 effective ways to exercise control

Craving for that yummy gourmet delight resting in your refrigerator? Remember if you don’t eat you don’t add on the calories so don’t you give in to the urge, hang on a minute, and read these amazing “researched” ways to control the food cravings:

Stay away from the trigger foods

Are you desperate to get your hands on that chocolate bar? Resist yourself, it’s only the first few days that you have to control popping that “favorite” food stuff into your mouth. It’s the beginning days that are the hardest but within a few days the trigger foods will not attract you that much and you can eliminate the food cravings.

Marcia Pelchat, PhD, of the Monell Center states “You crave what you eat, so if you switch what you’re eating, you can weaken your old cravings and strengthen new ones.” All you have to do is temper the temptations, switch to a fruity diet and leave the rich oily foods, you crave, alone. The more you stay away the more you can control the food cravings.

Ruin the tempting foods

Don’t tell me you couldn’t resist popping that cookie into your mouth? Don’t worry; we have a simple exercise for you. If you couldn’t resist a food craving just slosh water all over the rest, ruin it, throw it in the dust bin and then scream out a whoop of joy at the destruction of the tempting food. Remember, what is not shoved down the bins will rest peacefully on your belly and hips.

Choose some nuts instead

Nuts may be the right answer to taper down the cravings, says Michael F. Roizen, MD. According to him “Drink two glasses of water and eat an ounce of nuts (6 walnuts, 12 almonds or 20 peanuts). Within 20 minutes, this can extinguish your craving and dampen your appetite by changing your body chemistry”.

Replace chocolates with a cup of coffee

Don’t eat a chocolate or a candy bar, go ahead and make yourself a cup of skimmed milk latte instead. This will aid you in controlling your appetite. A hot steaming cup of coffee can be a great source of distraction.

Meditate a temptation away

Whenever you encounter a craving food, read into the history and it shows that it is stress that prompts a food desire. So we have to learn how to reduce the stress levels. The best way is to get a grasp of the effective breathing techniques and learn some muscle relaxing techniques to reduce stress.

Sleep away the hunger pangs

Tiredness prompts the stress levels to rise and also increases the cravings for food. So make sure that you do not tire out your body, lie back, breathe deeply and relax your body in order to re-energize it.

The easiest way is to control the cravings for ten minutes after that they will die a natural death. Another effective way is to brush the teeth; the toothpaste aroma in the mouth destroys the taste of the food and also stops the people from messing the mouth all over again. But this doesn’t mean that you wipe out your cravings for good, go ahead, indulge yourself and pop in that favorite food once in a while.

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