Indian men sexually active once a week: Survey

A recent global survey that attempted to analyze certain aspects of men’s relationships and sexual has found that Indian men have the least sex.

The average Indian man is sexually active for no more than once in a week, reveals the survey.

Pegged to be the largest survey of its kind, the study compiled responses of more than 57,000 respondents from 30 countries around the world.

The Causes
The lack of sexual activity in the Indian man can be attributed to the numerous ‘joint family’ homes present in the Indian society. Such homes are shared by the parents and other adult siblings and thus curtail the opportunity for making love.

Moreover, there is a strong cultural taboo against premarital and extramarital sex in the Indian society. Eyebrows are raised at the mere mention of these activities.

The survey not only aimed to gauge the sexual attitudes and habits of men but also advise men to lean and improve on the basis of the findings.

The findings of the survey find mention in the September edition of Men’s Health India.

Learn and improve
“Unlike so many other sex surveys, our poll is not information-heavy, and neither is it just about charting changing trends,” Jamal Shaikh, editorial director of Men’s Health India said.

“We have tried to examine how men from different parts of the world are better than others in certain aspects of sex and relationships, and then tell you how to learn and improve,” added Shaikh.

The Indian woman admitted having only two partners during their lifetime vis-à-vis the average of nine partners reported by women from the U.K., U.S. and Australia.

However, the Indian women did share a commonality with their foreign counterparts.

The survey suggests that Indian women are “six times as likely as American women to have done the deed in a taxi. No surprises there!”

Originally published on 2013-09-07.

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