Feeling fatigued and sleepy whole day? Get your Vitamin D levels scrutinized

Losing weight and feeling tired and low constantly? Get your Vitamin D levels checked right away! You will not believe it but Vitamin D is a notorious vitamin that one cannot grab from the food so one needs to keep the eye open for any symptom caused by the deficiency of this Vitamin.

Keep a keen look out for these deficiency symptoms and get your blood test done if you find any of the following:

Decreased muscular size and muscle weakness

According to Kimberly Mueller, R.D., owner of Fuel Factor Nutrition Coaching, “Decreased muscular size can be the result of not enough vitamin D in muscle and nerve tissue.” Just keep a look out for your general energy levels and if you are able to perform the same amount of your activities.


Bogged down by depressive feelings? A study mentioned in the The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism says that women having low levels of Vitamin D show two times more chances of facing depression.


When the levels of Vitamin D are low in the blood, the risk for getting fractures increases because of the weakness in the bones. The chances of getting a stress fracture are heightened, when the Vitamin D is less in the body. Vitamin D is responsible for growth of the bony structure in the body and if it is found in fewer quantities then the bones become weak.

Sensitivity to pain

Many people suffering from the deficiency of Vitamin D complain of chronic pain in their body.

Irritated nature

Cranky and moody? The obvious choice is that you maybe “PMS”ing girls? Maybe not, it could actually be a deficiency of Vitamin D. The moods are controlled by the hormone, serotonin, and the serotonin level in the blood is affected by the Vitamin D levels.

blood pressure

Heart health depends on Vitamin D as it helps in keeping the blood pressure under control. A decrease in the Vitamin D levels can make the blood pressure levels raise.

Fall in the endurance levels

According to Mueller, “Some studies have shown reduced aerobic capacity and overall endurance in athletes with low vitamin D levels”, confirms the expert.

Even the daytime sleepiness is influenced by a decrease in the levels of Vitamin D.

Edited By Neelam Goswami on 10-03-2014.

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