Geeky and awkward? It’s puberty, girls! Look out for its signs

Ever noticed that your teenage girl is suddenly bawly and moody? Does she crack up the moment authority is exercised on her? This certainly makes you wonder where is that little sweet pumpkin you raised with so much love and affection but don’t worry this is your teenage daughter’s foray into puberty!

The puberty hassles

Won’t the traumatic journey of bodily and mind changes become much simpler for you and your kid if you had a heart to heart talk regarding puberty changes with your daughter? Don’t put it off anymore just have a talk. Don’t let your growing up daughter walk the embarrassing and messy moments unguided and unaware. Hold her hand and march her through.

It may surprise you but much before the girl starts her menstruation she enters puberty. You can make your daughter aware of the signals that puberty gives out and prepare her before that messy monthly gift by just bringing her up to date with sex changes and other body activities.

The growth of new hair on the body

Your daughter may notice under arm hair and pubic hair developing and also becoming dark. The hair start to grow everywhere, and the legs, the arms, armpits suddenly start to look darker because of the development of new dark hair.

Weight gain

The fat deposits on the female body start to increase during puberty period and this becomes evident in the sudden weight increase and a roundening of the hips and upper thighs.

Breast development

It is noticed that before a girl starts to menstruate she starts to show signs of breast development. The hormones that are associated with “growing up or puberty” take over and start to affect the body. The waist starts to curve in, the breasts become larger in size. This dramatic change can cause major emotional issues regarding body shape and size in the minds of the nubile girls.

Mood swings

Hormonal imbalance that starts during puberty can cause dramatic mood changes in your little “growing up girl”. Don’t fret these mood swings as they are termed are a result of the chaos that is caused by the hormones acting overtime. In other words it’s termed as “Pre-menstrual symptoms” or PMS.

Growth spurt

Besides the sudden weight gain one also spurts in height during puberty. Around 10-12 years of age the girls enter puberty and the young girl shows a height spurt and a body blooming.

Puberty brings on awkwardness but reminds your growing up baby that soon her body will take complete form and bloom out from the “ugly duckling “ stage to the stage of the gorgeous blossomed beauty. Just a little while more, and a little patience and voila – walks in your beautiful bloomed out beauty.

Prepare her for the sudden period, make her aware of sanitary towels, and just become a friend to your insecure child.

Edited by Neelam Goswami on 29-03-2014.

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