Perk up your breasts with these simple proven tips!

A woman’s breasts are a symbol of beauty and femininity and nothing distresses her more than a saggy bosom that has lost volume and pertness!

Let’s face it ladies, we all dread drooping breasts and face an uphill battle to defy the downward pull.

Breasts lose the perkiness of youth and begin to sag due to various factors such as pregnancy, smoking, gaining and losing weight repetitively, breastfeeding and simply aging.

Whatever the reason, drooping breasts can have a profound impact on a woman’s psyche. She can be plagued with feelings of inferiority, distorted body image, ugliness and hollowness. While you cannot battle against the predictable change ladies, you can prevent excessive and premature breast sagging with the following proven tips!

Wear the right bra
Remember getting the right bra is important but wearing it properly matters more. A primary reason behind a saggy cleavage is an ill-fitted bra. A correct size bra not only keeps the breast in shape but also enhances your overall physical appeal. While trying a bra, ensure that your breasts are not bouncy or spilling out. Moreover, when bra straps become lose tighten them or discard the under garment. If in doubt about your size, enlist the help professional and get properly measured.

Excessive exercise
Over the top exercising is bad! While the right regimen can keep your breasts pert by improving blood supply, certain exercises that involve bouncing such as running and skipping can take a toll on the elasticity of your breasts. Women with larger cup size should be extra careful as the weight of heavier breasts without proper support can cause damage to ligaments and connective tissues. They should refrain from jogging for extended periods of time and always wear a good quality sports bra while exercising. However, pectoral workouts such as push-ups, chest presses can prevent breasts from sagging and make them firm.

Steady weight
One of the best things you can do for your breasts is to maintain a stable body weight that compliments for your height within the recommended range by exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet. Gaining and losing weight regularly via the so called yo-yo diets can result in stretching out the skin tissues which can in turn affect the elasticity of the breasts permanently. Always try to maintain an optimal weight to prevent drooping along with many other health problems.

Healthy diet
To shun breast sagging it is imperative to incorporate a balanced diet with a lot of green leafy vegetables, carrots, fishes, nuts, tomatoes, and whole grains, etc. in your diet to build healthy cells, including the new breast tissues. See to it that you are getting a steady supply of vitamin E and D (crucial for healthy skin), including Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet to slash the threat of breast cancer.

To keep your lady lumps shapely and curvy moisturizing is very important. Gently massage your breasts for around 10 minutes in circular motions from upside down. Apart from helping you spot lumps, this will increase blood circulation in the tissues, keep the skin supple and help retain the elasticity of your breasts. You can use anything ranging from aloe vera gel to almond oil or even regular vegetable oil for the massage.

Water intake
Try and drink at least six glasses of water every day to keep your skin moist and body hydrated. Skin with low water content becomes wrinkled and saggy when it is dehydrated. Apart from water you can also increase your intake of juices and citrus fruits.

Apart from the above pointers, kick the butt, limit your alcohol intake, maintain a correct posture and get adequate shut eye.

Edited By Neelam Goswami on 07-03-2014.