Say goodbye to cellulite with these simple tips!

Oh how we all cringe at the sight of cellulite, the unsightly lumps and bumps that tend to sit stubbornly on our hips, butt and thighs!

Cellulite that has a texture of cottage cheese or orange peel skin is a problem that plagues many adult women at some point or the other in life. An imbalance in the connective tissue and fat in a person’s body makes the surface of the skin pucker and look lumpy.

Many factors play a role including sex, hormones, diet and lifestyle choices, age and genetic predisposition. The odds of getting cellulite are higher in women who are overweight, but may skinny women complain of it as well.

With the market flooded with supposed miracle products, treatment or medicines that promise to diminish the appearance of cellulite or remove it altogether, you may be tempted to experiment. But before splurging on some overnight solution that sounds too good to be true, try getting rid of it naturally.

We at MedGuru share 6 easy tips to reduce and prevent cellulite.

Healthy diet:
Adhering to a nutritionally rich diet that includes a variety of fruits, fresh salads, lean meats such as poultry and fish, green veggies, healthy fats and whole grains helps burn fat and keep your skin and tissues healthy. In fact, a healthy diet helps plump up the skin and makes the cellulite less extreme.

Stay hydrated:
Make sure you are drinking at least eight to ten glasses of water. If you don’t like your water straight up, add a dash of lemon juice for flavor. Steer clear of all sodas and instead drink fresh fruit juices and herbal teas. Drinking more fluids not only improves the texture of skin but flushes out toxins, hydrates your body which is essential to reducing and preventing further cellulite.

Swap your salt:
Switch to Himalayan crystal salt from refined salt. The latter is acidic, dehydrating, leaches minerals from the body and also adds to the accumulation of toxicity in your body. Crystal salts on the other hand are alkaline with beneficial minerals.

An exercise regimen that combines aerobic exercise with strength training can be a potent weapon against cellulite. Aerobics help burn calories and fat, which in turn reduce the size of fat cells under the skin. Weight training tightens and tones up muscles. Also, simple exercises like running on the treadmill, jogging, biking, sprinting etc can work wonders to get a dimple free skin.

Skin brushing:
Another treatment for cellulite is rubbing the skin vigorously with a stiff brush. This helps increase blood flow, remove toxins and reduce excess fluid. Dry your skin properly and then start brushing your feet using a natural bristle brush and moving slowly and gently to other areas. The whole process takes approximately two to five minutes a day and you”ll be able to diminish cellulite in a few weeks.

Coffee scrub:
Coffee scrub is another way to make the ripples disappear. Take two cups of regular ground coffee, two-third tablespoon of olive oil, half cup of white sugar and mix thoroughly. Massage any area with cellulite gently in a circular motion for two or five minutes. Rinse with warm water, then pat dry and moisturize. The caffeine in coffee dilates blood vessels, which tones and tightens tissue. The scrub also increases circulation and reduces water retention, which helps smooth the rumpled look of cellulite.

Edited by Neelam Goswami on 01-03-2014.

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