Women, read on for the most effective contraception methods

Don’t want pregnancy as an option? Go for the right contraception methods. Yesterday we highlighted the various contraception methods that males could choose from, and now the team at Med Guru bring you the different contraception methods for females.

Want to prevent an accidental pregnancy? Women, its time you decide your life! Choose the perfect contraception method. Do you suffer from the silent blood pressure, or have a smoking fetish, or any other medical condition that needs attention? The best way is to discuss the options with your medical adviser and choose the one that does not affect your health.

female condom

One of the best methods of contraception that keeps away infections and diseases and also prevents pregnancy is the female condom. One can be sure to get a shield from sexually transmitted diseases like the dreaded HIV with the help of an inexpensive condom that a woman can put in place all by herself. The only thing is to deal with the funny sounds later on!

Various Contraceptives for Women-

The Diaphragm

This is a flexible cup that is inserted deep into the vagina for birth control. The diaphragm slipped into place by a physician prevents the sperm from swimming into the uterus. Get a review if you have slimmed down or gained some calories and match the size of the diaphragm accordingly. The size is decided by the doctor who also needs to check the cup for holes periodically. The diaphragm can be inserted into the vagina before intercourse.

Diaphragms that are best used with a spermicidal jelly can cause a urinary infection in some cases so make sure you urinate after sex.

Hormone injections

Progestin injections given in the arm prevent a woman from getting pregnant for almost three months. The shots are prescribed by a doctor after the usual tests but regular use of these hormonal injections affects the bone density. Ask your doctor and plan in advance when to stop these shots in order to get pregnant.

Birth control pills

These are pills made of progestin and estrogen or either. These pills taper down the premenstrual symptoms and lessen the menstrual cramps. They also provide protection against endometrial cancer, pelvic diseases, ovarian cancer, and other infections. The pill is ineffective if it is not taken at the same time daily. The pills may lower the sex drive, and cause nausea and breast tenderness.

The Intrauterine device

This is a T shaped plastic device that is placed deep in the uterus and contains either progestin or copper. The hormonal IUD for 5 years and the copper IUD’s can be left inside the body for almost 12 years. One can also go in for tubal litigation or female sterilization.

Patch and ring

The ring is a device that is flexible and minute. It is put deep inside the female’s vagina for a period of about 2-3 weeks. On the other hand the patch is a small plastic piece that is changed every week and it is attached on the buttock, stomach, arm or midriff.

The ring and the patch are not the right options for contraception if one suffers from high blood pressure, blood clots and a few other medical conditions. They also may cause a skin allergy in some women. Both the methods are almost 92% effective and when used exactly as given in the instructions can be great for preventing pregnancy.

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