Benefits of water aerobics

How about working hard under the sun without sweating and panting for breath? If you’re thinking it’s impossible to workout under the blazing sun without feeling even a hint of the heat…. try out the water aerobics!

Aerobics is one the greatest way to get in shape and doing the part in water can be double the fun. A type of resistance training, water aerobics is usually done in a vertical position, without the swimming strokes.

Benefits of water aerobics

Prevents overheating of body – Exercising in water helps prevent the body from overheating as it is simultaneously cooled under water.

Improves heart health – As water aerobics prevents overheating of the body, it prevents sharp rise in blood pressure and heart rate, improving heart health.

Less strain on joints – Water aerobics is especially beneficial for elderly suffering from arthritis or osteoporosis. As these conditions tend to make the joints weak and painful, water aerobics proves helpful as it puts less strain on the joints.

Expends more calories – Water has greater resistance than air. A one hour workout in water helps burn more calories as compared to an equal workout on land.

Prevents injuries – Water provides an anti-stress environment for movement, preventing the risk of injury.

Warm water therapy – Getting down in warmer water induces vasodilation, dilation of blood vessels, increasing blood flow thus promoting faster healing of injured tissues. Warm water therapy also reduces muscle spasm, relaxes tense muscles, and relieves pain and edema.

Increases flexibility – Water aerobics permits a great range of motion and movements, cutting stiffness and increasing flexibility.

Cuts need of pain medications during labor – Pregnant women who practice water aerobics are less likely to need pain relieving medications during childbirth.

Excellent postpartum exercise – Water aerobics helps new moms to get back in shape with ease.

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