Yoghurt And Its Health Benefits

Yoghurt is not only delicious but is extremely healthy and has been consumed by humans for hundreds of years. Made from fermenting milk with a yoghurt culture, this dairy product is a rich source of protein and calcium. The health benefits of yoghurt range from protecting against osteoporosis to relieving irritable bowel dHere are some reasons why you must have a yoghurt:isease, improving gut health and aiding digestion.

How much you will benefit from a blow of yoghurt depends on the type of yoghurt you are consuming. There are different kinds of yoghurt available in the market, but not all are healthy. Plain and unsweetened yoghurt is the best of all. The flavoured ones are usually high in sugar content that is not beneficial.

Nutrient content of yoghurt

This dairy product is packed with healthy nutrients. It is a rich source of protein, calcium, vitamins B, vitamin B 12 and live culture. Besides, it also contains a considerable amount of potassium and magnesium.

100 grams of plain, whole-milk yoghurt contains: Calories- 61, Water- 88%, Protein- 3.5 g, Carbs- 4.7 g, Sugar- 4.7 g, Fibre- 0 g, Fat- 3.3 g. Eating yoghurt every day can support your health in numerous ways.

Here are some reasons why you must have a yoghurt:

1. It is good for gut and digestive health

Yoghurt contains live bacteria or probiotics, which are good for gut and digestive health. The live strains of bacteria promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut lining and make the process of digestion easy.

2. It can help you lose belly fat

Yoghurt is categorised as healthy food and having it regularly can help you maintain a healthy weight. The high protein content in yoghurt can regulate appetite, increase the production of hormones that signal fullness and consume fewer calories, which is beneficial for weight control.

3. It may strengthen your immune system

Strengthening your internal system is crucial to protect yourself from chronic diseases. And for that, there is nothing better than yoghurt. The live bacteria content in this dairy product has been shown to reduce inflammation, which is linked with chronic health conditions like infection and leaky gut. Yoghurt also contains a high amount of zinc, magnesium and selenium, which play a crucial role in boosting immune health.

4. It may be good for heart health

Yoghurt contains both saturated fat and unsaturated fat. It was earlier believed that saturated fat can be dangerous to heart health, but a recent study has ruled out this claim. The fat content in yoghurt is considered good for heart health. Its regular intake can cut down the risk of heart diseases and reduce high blood pressure.

5. It can help to keep your teeth white and strong

Studies suggest that the lactic acid content in plain yoghurt protects your gums and the calcium content makes the teeth stronger. It was found that people who ate 56 grams of yoghurt every day were 60 per cent less likely to suffer from severe periodontal disease as compared with those who skip it.

6. It may prevent vaginal infection

Vaginal infection is a common problem in women suffering from Type 2 diabetes. Studies suggest that women with chronic candidal vaginitis when consumed 156 grams of frozen aspartame-sweetened yoghurt per day their vaginal pH level dropped from 6.0 to 4.0. Not only this, even their candida infections decreased. The good bacteria found in yoghurt may help restore the bacterial balance in the vagina.

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