Can future pandemics be prevented with universal hybrid coronavirus shot?

Scientists have discovered an effective hybrid coronavirus vaccine,  that works effectively against many coronavirus strains.

Scientists have discovered an effective ,  that works effectively against many coronavirus strains. Now, maybe future pandemics can be prevented with this new universal coronavirus vaccination.

Coronavirus infections

The research study took place at the University of North California and the scientists concluded that the SARS and COVID-19 coronaviruses are a huge threat for mankind and similar strains can cause other outbreaks and pandemics in the future as well. It may be difficult to predict the exact strain causing different pandemics but coronaviruses are responsible for many of these infections.

Hybrid vaccine

To prevent another coronavirus pandemic, scientists have developed a vaccine. This vaccination, scientists say will help prevent people from contracting the present SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and other groups of coronaviruses that travel from animals to humans.

The study details 

The hybrid coronavirus vaccine was given to mice and it helped generate neutralizing antibodies to fight off the infection. These antibodies did not permit the multiple spike proteins and viruses to stick together. Without the proteins, viruses cannot survive. In fact, the virus uses these proteins to attack the healthy cells in the human body.  

The test study includes the South African B.1. 351 variant and other sarbecovirus responsible for SARS and COVID-19 infection. This universal vaccine developed by researchers protected the test mice from the onslaught of a large number of coronaviruses. The immune system automatically gets triggered and combats the dangerous variants with the help of this vaccine, say the scientists.

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