Low on Vitamin D? Take it seriously

We all have various deficiencies at one point of time or the other, which ones to take seriously?

As we all are stuck inside our homes due to the pandemic, our exposure to the sun is extremely limited or none at all. Though staying inside the house may protect us from covid, we might be exposed to other health problems. one such is vitamin D deficiency.   

Our body often gives us signs and warnings about these underlying problems but we ignore them due to our busy schedule and the result of this negligence will cost us in the future.   

Weaker bones are one of the major problems of vitamin D deficiency. This is a major health risk as we grow old. Weak bones are easily breakable. A small accident could result in a major fracture.   

Another problem with vitamin D deficiency is fatigue and tiredness. Feeling tired all the time and the headache that accompanies might be simply because of a shortage of vitamin D in our system.   

Bone pain, backache, muscle pain is also could be the symptoms of this deficiency. If we have a weak foundation the whole building will collapse, similarly if our bone structure is the foundation of our body. If our bone structure is weak, our body will collapse.   


Sunlight plays a major part in life. Every living being is dependent on it. Thus, lack of it can become a cause for depression as well.   

Vitamin D could be found in some food, but for vegetarians, even that is not an option. And supplements can never be good as a natural product.

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