Severe COVID 19 Can Cause Brain Tissue And Gray Matter Loss In Survivors: Study

COVID-19 has led the world by storm. A recent follow up study spread out about 3 years, of nearly 394 individuals’, reports brain-related pathologies, loss of gray matter, cognitive defects and brain fog, in a large number of them. Besides many asymptomatic people complaining of loss of smell and taste, there is also extensive evidence regarding brain tissues and cognitive issues in the target group.

Grey matter, brain tissue and cognitive functioning

The COVID-19 virus is widespread and affects the grey matter and brain tissue, confirms the post-mortem analysis of the brain and nervous system of people who have succumbed to COVID-19 infection. Furthermore, rampant researches are being carried out on COVID-19 patients and a load of data has been gathered from the severely suffering and hospitalised people. Scientists still have to confirm whether asymptomatic or mild cases have developed neurological symptoms.

Follow –up study

The Follow up study on people before and after COVID-19 showed significant grey matter loss. Many of those effected by SARS-CoV-2 or severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 have shown gustatory and olfactory complications and loss of grey matter according to this series of test follow-ups.

The long term study was performed by UK Biobank and the data was collected from thousands of people who went through multi-modal brain imaging.


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