5 Easy Home Remedies To Stop Hair Fall

In Dire Need To Stop Hair Fall? The Solution Is Here

Everybody dreams of having beautiful, strong hair that give you an extra boost of confidence to your already amazing body and personality. But, most of us face issues from hair fall to hair thinning, they are at the top of our ‘problems’ list.

Although, one can find various hair treatment to fix their problems but solving your issues with home remedies is a plus. Here are 5 easy remedies that will solve your problem of hair fall and thinning.

Strong Beautiful Hair


Hair care routine has the basics of shampooing hair on a regular basis, though applying coconut oil to your scalp one hour before shampoo will not only prevent hair breakage but also provide moisture and make hair shinier.


The most common mistake that most of us do is, comb our whilst it is wet, it does save our time and seems easier to untangle the mess but it damages hair.


Coconut milk has lauric acid that strengthens our cuticles, it also has vitamins and nutrients that slows down hair loss drastically. Just apply it to hair and scalp, keep for 20-30 minutes under a wrapped towel and shampoo. Once a week is more than enough.


Aloe Vera is another essential that contains a lot of nutrients that will make your hair stronger and shinier. All you need is the pulp, apply it to your hair for 45 mins and shampoo.


Main causes that lead to hair fall are bad habits and an unhealthy life style. If you eat healthy, drink lots of water, exercise on a daily basis and keep your stress level low, a non-genetic hair fall problem can be easily cured.

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