Uncomfortable and bloated, peer closely at your diet

Was that a burp we heard? Are you embarrassed by the sudden burps that escape your mouth? Before you get a chance to reach your loved ones the loud burps caused by bloating announce your presence. As a result of the digestive foods breaking down the body shows natural reactions like burping, bloating and flatulence.

The digestive problems

It’s the swallowed air that causes this but it is a cause of concern if this interferes with your daily activities. The bloating maybe caused by malabsorption of food, gluten intolerance, or menopause. As the age progresses the digestive enzymes in the body become less and thus the digestion gets hampered .

Sometimes the flatulence maybe because of a particular food combination, poor dietary habits, or vitamin deficiencies. Diet plays a very important role in the feeling of gassiness, so let’s treat it with the some probiotic, some enzymes and colon cleansing products from our diet.

Foods with Raffinose

A bloated belly can look like a small teeny weenie baby bump and is a big letdown after the way you have slogged it out in the gym, and watched your diet so meticulously. Are you gorging on the raffinose without being aware of it? Raffinose is a sugar present in beans, broccoli, cabbage, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, and whole grains. Whenever we eat these products in their raw form they cause bloating. Just heat them a little before you pop them in your mouth!
Lactose rich foods

Another reason we tend to ignore are the foods containing lactose. The yummy cheese products, cream, milk products, yogurt, ice cream all have high lactose levels. Milk has a higher content of lactose than the yogurt and cheese and can cause flatulence and bloating in the stomach.

Foods with sorbitol

There is another culprit in our daily foods by the name of sorbitol. This sugar is encased in fruits like pears, apples, prunes and peaches. Did you know that this commonly used in artificial sweeteners and your favorite sugar free candies? This has a tendency to bloat the stomach.

The carb-rich diet

Every household boasts of a dish made out of the delicious noodles, rice, corn, potatoes and bread. Even the thought of these makes the mouth water but as these foods undergo the break down digestion in the large intestine, they produce loads of gassiness.


The legumes that are an essential part of the gourmet meals have a complex structure of proteins and starch. It is necessary that these legumes are soaked in water before they are used as this process helps in reducing bloating. Nuts and eggs also do not agree with some people.

It is ideal to keep a food diary and record all the food products that you eat and then see the body’s reaction to that particular food. Whenever you note that the body bloats after certain foods try to reduce their intake. If you are suffering from the in flatulence bug and are very uncomfortable it’s better to stick to the “safe foods”. You can experiment and add a food to your diet after 48 hours and check the body’s reaction to it. This will help you make your own safe foods